Red Teas / Tés Rojos

Reddish and earthy infusion with a penetrating, old-fashioned scent that makes it different. Popularly known for its "fat burning properties", it can help naturally in our diet.
Post-fermented tea, rolled up and dried. This variety is characterized by a long and slow fermentation that brings its most valued characteristics and peculiar palate. The origins of red tea take us to Yunnan, China. Also known as Pu Erh tea, in antiquity it was known as Ying-shen tea, name which received by the old denomination of the region in which it was produced. Its consumption began as a pleasurable infusion, until the Tang Dynasty began to use it also for medicinal purposes and for a long time was used as currency of exchange, given its value and that does not lose its flavor with the passage of time. For this and to facilitate their transport was processed in compact tablets of different size as if they were coins.
Known, but not endorsed scientifically, are its purifying and reducing properties of fat and cholesterol, in short, this fame is what has made it so popular in the West. Our varieties allow you to choose from a pure Pu Erh tea and Premium to a fun mixture of incredible aromas