Rooibos or Aspalathus Linearis (under its botanical name), is a plant, native to South Africa, includes a family that exceeds 200 varieties and its name in Afrikaans means red shrub. It is part of the traditional African medicine, to treat allergies or digestive problems, for hundreds of years.

Although it is known in the Western world as Red Tea Africa or Rooibos Tea, we know that it is not a tea, but a shrub whose leaves provide a refreshing drink, with a pleasant sweet palate that has the advantage of not containing teina and So it is not stimulating, so it is also known as infusion of sleep. It helps naturally to maintain the liquids and mineral salts that they contain in our body, precisely because of the latter, is considered as an ideal drink for athletes.

With our blends, you can enjoy an aromatic infusion without teina that highlights the fruity flavor of the rooibos and that can provide both sweet and citrus sensations very pleasant.