Black Teas / Tés Negros

Fermented tea, coiled and dried, this variety is strongly linked to the culture of some countries, such as India, Sri Lanka or United Kingdom. Although its origins are in China, like the entire Camelia Sinensis family, it was the English colonists who created the first plantations in their colonies of India and Ceylan, linking those places and their history to tea consumption. In the nineteenth century exports would begin, being a fermented tea, its conservation and transport was easier and safer so at first and for a long time was the only variety that was consumed in the United Kingdom in its different origins and formats .
It became a social ritual that reached its maximum exponent with the custom of tea at 5 pm, at which time at the end of the working day, workers, as a rest, had tea with pastries. This practice made black tea, for many years, the most consumed variety in the world. Currently statistics are changing in favor of green tea, red tea or rooibos.
In Lama USA, we encourage you to experience its characteristic bitter taste, combined with aromas and spices that allow us to create different types of black tea suitable for the most demanding palates.